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September 17, 2020

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September 18, 2020

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FRP Removal on Android Pie

March 27, 2020

Todays post is a bit different to my normal iPhone Jobs.

Samsung Galaxy Xcover4 - SM-G390F (FRP LOCKED)

Bootloader U5 Android Pie 9.

The reason im posting this is due to having to mod the stock firmware as none of the other methods worked.

The Sim tray is side on next to the battery so sim pops cannot be carried out.

All that tap here and wait 3 seconds and double tap copy and paste 100 times etc is way too longgg for me.

Even doing a remote flash over USB/IP comms is easier.

This was also not as simple as using two roms to remove the FRP.

I did not use any special FRP removal tools for this unlock as most are crap anyway and are purley for monetizing purposes. Some work but can be HARD work.

Heres a list of the tools I used for this unlock.

1) Odin latest version

2) SamFirm for the Rom downloads Combination and Stock Rom. PUKKA TOOL.


 Image shows instance of another device connection for illustrative purposes. SM-G900F

3) 7zip or any .tar file compressor.


First before anywork is carried out an IMEI check is in order and comes back CLEAN.

Now for those who dont like using Odin due to connection reliabilty issues heres how to use it without failure.

This is samsung's engineering tool and as such is not a (s)hit and miss affair.

Im expecting you to know how to install your USB drivers!! and that they are installed.

The Basic minimal_adb_fastboot windows application is fine for ADB comms.


For Odin flashing, the device is put into DOWNLOAD mode using Vol Down/Home/Power Key and then Up Volume.


This must me carried out first without USB connection.

Then run Odin and connect the device to your PC and it will show "added" in Odin .


Now the issues arise when the modem is left open and the port is not closed after a flash, connecting again will result in NO Connection or Cannot Open Port during the flash connection setup.

What you must do is Remove the Battery AND USB CABLE after the flash - re insert it and repeat the process again and it will connect with no issues. EVERYTIME.

Right with that out of the way lets start.

What do we need to happen for us to remove the FRP lock?

Well we need high level access for one, to allow the wipe of the FRP lock.

So lets start there...

Using the Combination Rom U5/02 I put the device into DOWNLOAD MODE and loaded the combination Rom into the AP section of ODIN which is the sytem recovery image section.

Once loaded I connected to ODIN and the device was /Detected/ADDED and I Started the Flash.

This first flash is to install the engineer OS to allow maintenance on the device but also enables USB DEBUGGING and Root Access.

Once the BINARY rom is flashed successfully I waited for it to bootup, enabled USB DEBUGGING and set the required connect parameters using *#0808# then rebooted the device and checked USB debugging with ADB using the adb device command.


Now there are ways to remove FRP over ADB but again the commands normally need USB Debugging enabled.

So then you would be looking at creating an ADB enabled flash file of the STOCK rom.

Here is an easier way.


After the combination rom is flashed successfully:

I powered off the device, removed the battery, rebooted into recovery and selected the WIPE/DATA FACTORY setting.

Im still at root level!!


Once rebooted again I then checked ADB was connected. adb devices [enter]


Once ADB connection was confirmed, I then run the command adb reboot recovery [enter] to put the device into recovery.

The device is now added to Odin ready for the STOCK Rom.

Now I had to edit the Stock Rom as in its normal state the device was still locked.

So I had to edit 3 of the Stock Roms 5 files and created a new version of the Rom :) compressed in .tar format for ODIN.


This was now one file instead of the 5 files in the ROM and was then loaded into the AP section and I then run the Flash.

For a NORMAL flash:

The CSC*** is used for clean flash , if you want to keep data use the HOME_CSC***. (encrypted)

The Flash completed succesfully, the FRP was removed and the device was in CLEAN state ready for setup and use.


So if you want FRP removed contact me via the website.

Note : This will require some form of ID or POP

If you are doing this yourself you dont need any special tools from the adware youtubers.

I dont like the fiddly press this button when the wind blows south and hold the power key with your right finger and it may work.

I like Full control over the process removing the guesswork from the equation.

If you get a fail at system.img its usually due to incorrect flashfile , for example the bootloader is U5
and your flashing the U3 or AP file error .

Start off with the bootloader U1/2/3/4/5/6/7/XXX and match the combination and stock with the same U number.

Look for Samfim, once the device is connected it will find the up to date stock and combination roms for download.

That will get your system back up and the rest is to be found in the text you have just read.

If you have USB debugging enabled on a locked FRP device then :

adb shell am start -n
adb shell am start -n
adb shell content insert --uri content://settings/secure --bind name:s:user_setup_complete --bind value:s:1

f you have enjoyed this post or gained knowledge from this post, I have added a donation BUTTON where you can donate if you appreciate my works, its not compulsory but will help with new things to come, everyone else is doing it so why not.




Hope this helps a few!   -


Regards Dee




The content in this posting is copyright DeeGee - and images are shown for the illustration purposes of teaching.

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