September 18, 2020

September 17, 2020

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NFC - 101

September 18, 2020

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Liberties and Wafflers

March 10, 2020

So todays post is about pisstakers, waffle, and those who seem to KNOW IT ALL but not in the game.


To start off I don’t normally vent off like this but this time I’ve had enough.


Let’s start off with the repair shall we...


iPhone SE


Symptoms: Dead after plugging in charging cable and device started to smoke!!


Came to me by proxy of other technician.


So back to the symptoms:


Dead device after plugging in charging cable.


Seems easy enough.


1) First off I plugged in the ICC PRO and it detected a BAD TRISTAR and passed a GOOD DOCK.


2) Then I tested for VCC and VBAT shorts and none were there.


3) Then tested for my 5V0_USB which should be as near to input voltage from charger as possible which should be 5v


In this case it was at 4.22v which means that something on the circuit is pulling it down.


I always prove test the Dock flex PP5V0 as well off the board, this shows that incoming voltage is sound and its at 4.99V


4) Strip the device down, removed the shield and locate TRISTAR.


5) I then removed TRISTAR as this is less heavy duty compared to TIGRIS for this fault and will fail first.


6) Tested PP5V0_USB again and it was now at 4.99V - JOB DIAGNOSED.


7) After removing the UNDERFILLED TRISTAR the SWD_DOCK_TO_AP_SWCLK pad was burnt out and a jumper was installed.


8) Replaced a NEW TRISTAR and checked my 5V0 again and it was the same at 4.99 volts


9) Attached a known good Dock and tested with ICC PRO and it passed.


10) Finally attached a battery and plugged in charging cable and the battery icon was present.


It started at 400ma and then rose to 980ma which is about right and left the device to charge.


I carried out further tests, PC comms, Baseband Data extract and so on but needed the passcode from customer to finalize tests before reassembling the shields and housing.


 Shields re-assembled.


I am then told the customer is not paying as the local high street repair shop has quoted them £15 for this job.


I get paid by my guy either way but unfortunately he makes the loss from this customer taking liberties.


I was then asked to put the device back to its original state. Yeah right!


Its original state was dead, with an under filled IC next to NAND in housing and shields soldered on and the hard work has been done.


I’m not reversing my work once it’s complete and working I’m afraid. So I Refused.


As a result my man by proxy has the device NOW working and my job is done but is it fair that he loses out to this pisstakers and waffle from the local repair shop?


These shops will say anything to get you in the door and then waffle you to high heaven and the cost rises.


There is NO WAY this job would be done for £15, the shop most probably assumed DOCK Flex or Battery but even the shops local to me charge more than £15 for a Dock Flex install anyway, which is in fact the shop involved in this rant.


There is NOT one repair shop in the high street can carry out these repairs and they are just about capable to carry out screen changes, even then I have customers bring the device to me after having been repaired down the high street.


Missing LCD and Batt covers with popped off FPCs, LSD after screen change, Multiple Battery Replacements (instead of repairing the charging fault) its a joke.


I was asked by one shop if I can do a TOUCH IC on a 6s, another was asked if they can carry out a TOUCH IC repair on 6Plus and stated “yeah but I haven’t got any U2 in stock so will take a few days”. R U Kidding ME????


These places are so far behind its scary that they are the place to go to for repair. Well the Mickey Mouse repairs.


Now for those who think they know it all but ARE NOT IN THE GAME!!!!!!


I tested a device a few weeks back and diagnosed a GOOD USB CONTROLLER (TRISTAR) and a GOOD DOCK FLEX using ICC PRO.


If the device passes these tests and your battery doesn’t last it’s very likely that your battery needs replacing. (or you may have drain on vbat) but you would know that already right?


Anyway I am told  that I’m a liar and the tester was lying, why I hear you cry? Very strong words don’t ya think.


Well the fella took his device to a friend who has a shop a few miles away and they changed his DOCK and BATTERY.


Therefore based on that my tests were bollox.


Here’s the education:


As your m8 did not need to change the USB controller IC (TRISTAR) then my tester was correct GOOD IC.


Now to check the Tristar IC it uses the DOCK FLEX and a GOOD DOCK is needed for it to get the access to the IC to check the lines.


Soooo....the IC was GOOD and THE DOCK WAS ALSO PROVED AS GOOD!!!!!


The tester did its job and proved BOTH were fine and you paid for a DOCK you didn’t actually NEED from your m8.   😃


All you needed was a battery, not a DOCK and BATTERY.


What do I know about the charging operation of the iPhone?


AV a Look!


Even better use my search bar and type in charging there’s a lot of info:

(that I apparently know nothing about )


The test device is being used worldwide by professionals IN THE GAME !!!! I think we know what we are talking about but just to make it clear.


Us Micro-Solderers are at the forefront of these repairs, we can repair what has been deemed unfixable by APPLE and other repair shops, this is why they send the devices to us and it costs YOU more.


We read drawings like this and use PCB layout programs to diagnose these faults combined with years of experience and Training. AND VERY EXPENSIVE TOOLS AND EQUIPMENT.


We can modify circuits like this to enable your device to be used again when it has been deemed faulty by APPLE and under recall.

We know the devices behavior better than anyone and eat and sleep this s%it.


We train others to have these skills and these skills are not to be taken lightly.


We have a community worldwide who share faults and diagnosis - real repair technicians, not the babysitters in the VAPE, SUITCASE and Mobile Repair Shaks.




Not all shops are crap I know plenty scattered worldwide who ARE pukka at this work and respect them fully.


We are 24/7 not 9-5 and are passionate about this work and ARE the EXPERTS in this field.


So for those who lose data by taking advice FROM the likes OF marketplace from a best m8s sisters fella who fixes phones, you are so FAR behind in this game just leave it to the experts eh, the techs who put the real time and investment into our work.


I remember doing an i6 board swap a few years ago to remove the cloud and was told it wasn’t possible and that it was a scam, pure ignorance.


Same applied to iPads, now AV A LOOK!!!!


I have provided solutions that are used worldwide and in a matter of minutes OR hours of being published that’s how fast we move in this game.


(exclusive mod never before published by myself)







Last of all to the fella who (is not in the game) and thinks he knows more about my job than me, I think you should stick to making your ALL DAY BREAKFASTS and paying for stuff you don’t need from your m8s,  myself and my fellow micro solders will carry on with repairs that only these shops can dream about and for the less educated to believe in.


Hope this helps a few....


Regards Dee.















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