Do you have an i-device that is damaged beyond repair according to phone repair shops and Apple Service Centre?

So you have dropped your iPhone 6 down the toilet. What now? DO NOT ATTEMPT TO SWITCH IT ON!!!!! 

We can help! Water damaged device, no touch on the screen, battery drainage.

We can recover data off even the worst of damaged devices.

Component level repairs that Apple wont carry out.



  •     Charge ports and connectors

  •     iPad Charging Flex Installation & Charging Faults

  •     Logic Board ultra sonic cleaning

  •     LCD Screen Replacement/Back light filter repair

  •     BGA Repairs

  •     Torn pads, difficult joints

  •     Water damage  and open-ended troubleshooting from the device schematics

  •     Short detection

  •     Complete professional iPhone/iPad motherboard diagnosis and repair

  •     iPhone data recovery.



Please note :

For water damaged or fire damaged devices we only carry out data recovery.

Liquid damage can have long lasting effects on a smartphone. Whilst this may solve the problem for a while, its entirely possible your phone will fail at some point down the line, therefore, this is not covered under our warranty and is the main reason we only carry out data recovery in this instance.



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